Rob Guidry, President and CEO of the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and said things are looking brighter for the local economy.  Guidry did some Christmas shopping over the weekend and observed,

The people in the small "Mom and Pop" stores as well as the large retail stores were incredibly pleasant.  Employees and customers alike were smiling.  Nobody is talking of record sales yet but everyone was optimistic.

Guidry also noted that the ground underneath Lake Charles seems to be shaking with all the growth there.  While attending the Lake Charles Chamber of Commerce goal setting conference Guidry reported,

$40 billion dollars worth of investment in the Lake Charles area.  Salsol alone announced $20 billion in investements.  They plan to liquify natural gas at their plant and export it to foreign countries.  This in addition to Cheniere Energy doing the same in Cameron Parish.

According to Lake Charles they can't provide everything needed for this expansion so they will be depending on other parishes to provide housing and education which is great for surrounding parishes including Lafayette.

Listen to the interview:

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