LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - The process for establishing a new Heymann Performing Arts Center is taking another step forward after Lafayette Consolidated Government's request for proposal (RFP) period ends - with just one response submitted.

LCG announced on Thursday that the University of Louisiana was the only entity to submit a response to the proposal, which can be viewed here.

The university's proposal is a lease agreement for the northwest corner of Cajundome Boulevard and West Congress Street. It will be brought before a scoring committee for evaluation.

That scoring committee will be convened to score, or qualify, the response, according to an LCG press release.

"The 11-member committee is made up of five City Council representatives or appointments, five members of Mayor-President Josh Guillory’s administration or appointments and a representative or appointment from Lafayette Economic Development Authority," the release explained. "The tentative notification of the selection, or qualifying, is no later than Mid-March as published in the RFP."

LCG's full release below:

The Debate Over a New Heymann Center

Discussion over a new performing arts center reignited late last year as LCG announced plans to look for a location for an updated facility.

As you might imagine, different interests have different reasons for supporting one specific location versus another. In an article published in the November 29th edition of the Lafayette Daily Advertiser newspaper reporter Andrew Capps explained some of those positions.  Needless to say, the stakes are very high as they relate to the future of Lafayette remaining a hub for arts and culture in Louisiana.

As far as the Acadiana Center for the Arts' position on the "new" Heymann Center, Director Sam Oliver said,

AcA’s role is not to take sides in advocating for one site versus another, rather our role is to take a proactive and non-partisan approach as the regional arts council and as LCG's official partner for arts and culture to ensure good process and good decisions are made regarding this major cultural project.

However, the discussion within LCG also sparked an online debate on where it should go.

"Definitely not downtown," one person said on Facebook. "Parking is already an issue down there as it is."

"The Cajundome Boulevard area," another person wrote. "Lots of room for parking space, it's near the Cajundome/Convention Center buildings, and there is a hotel right there too the Hilton Garden Inn for out-of-towners."

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