LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - Lafayette Parish Superintendent Irma Trosclair will be leaving her role as of July 20, according to a notice sent out to Lafayette Parish School System faculty and staff on Monday morning.

The surprising resignation comes after just 4.5 years in the role. Trosclair's brief tenure was marked by both growth in school and district scores and a carefully-navigated COVID-19 pandemic.

Courtesy KATC
Courtesy KATC

"It is with a heavy heart that I write to inform you of my decision to step down as Superintendent, effective July 20, 2023," she wrote in the message to the rest of the LPSS staff. "Many factors have contributed to this difficult decision, with my family being at the forefront of my decision."

She further listed what she touts as highlights of her time in the top LPSS job.

Together, we have:

  • managed the COVID-19 pandemic without students falling behind academically raised district performance scores to the highest in LPSS history
  • reduced the number of D schools from eight (8) in 2019 to one (1) in 2022
  • reduced the number of F schools from three (3) in 2019 to zero (0) in 2022 increased graduation rate and strength of diploma
  • ranked #1 in district performance scores amongst large districts serving over 30k students.
  • ranked #1 in large districts statewide for the number of students scoring mastery on state assessments
  • increased performance of students with disabilities to the highest level in district history
  • ranked 16th overall in state district performance score rankings, climbing 13 spots since 2019
  • ranked #5 in the state for score growth increases for years 2019-2022
  • leads regions IV and V in district performance score growth change for the years 2019-2022
  • closed achievement and opportunity gaps
  • provided WiFi connectivity to decrease the digital divide
  • significantly increased social and emotional support for students
  • significantly enhanced school safety measures and protocols
  • began construction of four new schools
  • purchased a new central office facility with the construction of a new state-of-the-art Board room nearing completion
  • raised teacher salaries
  • through strategic and intentional systemic changes in practices increased equity in schools developed & sustained strong community partnerships that continue to support schools, staft, and students
  • maintained an intentional focus on teacher recruitment and retention
  • more than tripled the dual enrollment opportunities for high school students
  • prioritized career and technical education, significantly increasing the number of students graduating with high-level credentials so they are work-force ready
  • maintained balanced budgets aligned with student needs
  • notably, 95% of schools in the district now have a letter grade of C or higher compared to 76% of schools pre-pandemic.

"The aforementioned highlights don't just happen," she added. "Instead, they are a testament to the hard work and dedication of so many individuals. We have built a strong, talented, and dedicated district team that is capable and committed to continuing the work of moving LPSS forward."

She also said she fully expects the district to receive a score of "A" when the 2023 scores are released for the state.

Trosclair was also recently named the 2023 Southwest Superintendent of the Year.

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