Lafayette Travel and EatLafayette™ introduced the Official Cocktail of Lafayette Parish to a crowded room at Social Southern Table & Bar today.

The “Sweet Crude RoulerTM” is now the official cocktail of Lafayette Parish!

"Other areas are known for certain cocktails,” said Ben Berthelot President and CEO, Lafayette Travel. “So when David Meaux came to us with the concept of using Lafayette Parish's Sweet Crude Rum for an official cocktail, we loved the idea. Rank Wildcat Spirits is an incredible story of entrepreneurship and hard work, and we've already had visitors stopping into David's small shop to check out how the rum is made. It's our hope that many years from now, the RoulerTM will be a household name associated with our area, much like the Hurricane, the Sazerac or the Manhattan is to other areas. It's also our hope that the RoulerTM will help to grow Rank Wildcat Spirits' business, and help to help get the word out about this great Lafayette Parish product."

In its search for an official cocktail, Lafayette Travel and EatLafayetteTM partnered with Lafayette’s own local rum distillery, Rank Wildcat Spirits L.L.C.

After years of hand-crafting Sweet Crude Rum™ in their hometown of Lafayette, it became apparent to the Rank Wildcat Spirits™ distillers the ‘Happiest City in America’ needed its own cocktail worthy of the unique area we call home. Armed with their signature rum they began tinkering with ingredients to make a drink that would showcase the unique flavors of Acadiana. Once the recipe was complete all that was left was the name.

“Laissez les bon temps rouler! That’s right! We got a little help from the anthem of our people,” said David Meaux, founder and distiller, Rank Wildcat Spirits L.L.C. Rank Wildcat Spirits is Lafayette’s only rum distillery and the second in the entire state. They recently ramped up production and marketing of their product, “Sweet Crude RumTM.” Rank Wildcat Spirits has been a long time sponsor of EatLafayetteTM, the campaign that promotes locally owned restaurants in Lafayette Parish.

Try the Sweet Crude Rouler recipe below.

Sweet Crude Rum Rouler recipe
Sweet Crude Rum Rouler recipe

Ask for the “Sweet Crude RoulerTM” at any of these 12 EatLafayetteTM participating restaurants: Bon Temp Grill, Café Vermilionville, Charley Gs, Chef Gregory, Coyote Blues, Dark Roux., Dons of Lafayette, Es Kitchen, Jolie's Louisiana Bistro, Little River Inn, Poor Boy's Riverside Inn, and Social Southern Table & Bar. Each restaurant will feature the “Sweet Crude RoulerTM” as one of their drink specials through February 9 (Mardi Gras). Some of the restaurants are creating a unique spin on the recipe; so, make sure you stop in and try the “Sweet Crude RoulerTM” at all 12 participating restaurants.

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