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Signs Of A Bad Restaurant? Twitter Responds With A Vengeance
Social Media for all its good and bad has proven, at least to me, to get one thing right. That one thing is restaurant reviews. Maybe it's because the bulk of social media filler is pictures of food. Some of that food looks good, some of that food looks as if the dog would turn up his nose at it, re…
Eat Lafayette 2019 - Tsunami Lafayette
By now you know about Tsunami, and probably have eaten there at least once. As famous as they are for sushi and sashimi, don't forget they have a great selection of cooked items from steaks to teriyaki chicken and more.
Landry's Cafe Closes Its Doors
I am going to miss the lunches at Landry's Cafe, but I am glad that Denise will be able to spend more time with her family - especially her grandkids!

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