There is a way to save money, save water and reduce stormwater runoff all in one package, and the way to do it is to purchase a rain barrel as part of a Lafayette Consolidated Government program.

If you live in the City of Lafayette or the unincorporated areas, you are eligible to purchase a rain barrel for a subsidized price of $38.

There is a limit of one barrel for the subsidized price, but you can buy additional rain barrels for $49, and if you don't live in Lafayette, you can also purchase one for that price.

The first 300 customers will be able to get the discounted price.

The rain barrel can be used in your yard to catch rain water to use on plants and other projects.

Rain Barrel Program
Photo courtesy of Lafayette Consolidated Government

With a rain barrel you are able to conserve water, and you won't need to use your tap water and hose to work in your yard. It's also less water that you have to pay for, and it's a great way to conserve.

The popular program is back this year, and the cheaper price is on a first come-first serve basis.

So, how do you purchase one?

If you want the reduced price you need to click here to get the information, and the same for anyone outside of the city of Lafayette and outside the unincorporated areas.

There is an ordering deadline of April 5 of this year, and then you would need to go to pick up your rain barrel at the compost facility starting on April 18.

Lafayette Consolidated Government's Dean Domingues Compost Facility can be found at 400 Dugas Rd.



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