While we didn't see the copious amounts of rain we could have seen from Tropical Storm Cristobal over the weekend we're still okay as far as water is concerned. So far, Mother Nature has been nice in the weather department by offering us rainfall on a semi-regular basis. However, those of us who've lived through a summer or twenty in Acadiana know the dry time is coming.

One way you can make sure that your yard or garden always has plenty of water is to invest a few bucks in a rain barrel. Lafayette Consolidated Government is again offering them for sale, in fact, they've extended the deadline to purchase one until June 30th.

The barrels collect runoff rainwater from your home and property and stores the water for when you need it. In other words,  you'll have water in your barrel for July and August to keep your plants alive while the rest of us are vacuuming the front yard to get rid of the dried-up grass.

Your rain barrel will cost you $38 if you are a resident of Lafayette or unincorporated Lafayette Parish. It will cost you $49 if you don't meet that qualification. Orders must be placed by June 30th and rain barrel pickup will take place on July 11th at the LCG compost facility that's located at 400 Dugas road.


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