A resident of Lafayette is asking for help identifying suspects who allegedly stole a child's wagon.

The alleged theft took place in Sawgrass Subdivision, off of E. Broussard Road between Vincent Road and Highway 92.

The incident occurred over a week ago, but the video was posted to the Nextdoor app yesterday.

Along with the video of the suspect's vehicle, Ann Comeaux included a video of her grandchild pleading for his wagon to be returned.

It appears that there is a possibility that this vehicle and suspect may have allegedly been involved in another theft - this one in the Youngsville area, not far from the wagon theft.

Aja Anthony reports that a vehicle similar to the one in the video may have been involved in the theft of some license plates.

Photo by Matt Reed on Unsplash

Anthony said that a similar-looking vehicle was captured on his security cameras on Chaisson Road, off of Highway 92 in Youngsville, the night his neighbor's license plates were stolen

Speculation as to whether the wagon theft was actually a theft or if it was a case of mistaken identity percolated on the social media site. Several people asked if the wagon was left close to the street and was mistakenly identified as refuse.

There are people who drive around neighborhoods looking for items that people put "at the road" for the City/Parish trucks to haul off to pick through them, in hopes of selling some of the stuff.

Regardless, the family just wants the wagon back and, I'm sure, the other victims would like their license plates returned.

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