Elizabeth 'EB' Brooks visited with Ken Romero and Carol Ross yesterday on 'Go Acadiana' to give us an update on the park at the Horse Farm or Lafayette Central Park Inc. Brooks is Director of Planning and Design for Lafayette Central Park.

Cost of the park has been estimated to be $30 million and we as Brooks if that figure is correct. According to Brooks,

Yes, that's what we're hoping to raise $30 million for Phase One. Honestly $15 million of that is just for construction and the other $15 million is to put into a bank account so that we can have the operation and maintenance funding that we need to make sure everything stays as nice as it is when first constructed.

One KPEL NewsJunkie called in and asked if ponds or some sort of water feature would be built into the park? Brooks replied by saying,

We're planning on putting in two ponds that will give us dirt to build hills into the topography.

Another NewsJunkie asked if revenue generated by a carousel or miniature golf course would go to the city or be used by the park? Brooks said,

Actually that money will be used to operate the Lafayette Central Park. The non-profit will use those funds to maintain the property.

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