Next Tuesday night, March 27th, the Lafayette City Parish Council will once again take up discussion about the Safe Light/Safe Speed program.  Callers to today's edition of "Lafayette Live" on "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" burnt up the phone lines trying to get their comments heard about the program.  While Lafayette City Parish President Joey Durel could not join us for the show today, Councilman Jay Castille answered questions and listened to comments about the program.

Five years ago, both cameras at intersections and speed vans became part of the driving experience in Lafayette after the council voted their approval of a contract with RedFlex.  Multiple intersections now have cameras that can catch you if you are speeding or running a red light.  Two mobile speed vans circulate around the city and parish snapping pictures of speeding motorists.

The callers flooded KPEL's phones today to get their viewpoint across, and Castille was able to also tell callers that constituents contacting his office are about, " 50/50 split on the issue."  Here is a sample of some of the callers we received today:

There is more than thirty-five minutes of callers phoning in with their opinions on this hot button issue: