BAYOU CORNE, La. (AP) — More than four years since a massive sinkhole that in 2013 swallowed trees in Assumption Parish and forced more than 300 residents from their homes now no longer poses a risk to the public.

Assumption Parish officials declared Friday that they've completely lifted the remaining voluntary evacuation orders in the last parts of the Bayou Corne community where the few remaining residents had remained. Officials say risk from instability and seeping, flammable natural gas released in the sinkhole's formation have been mitigated.

The Advocate reports the all-clear order had been coming for months. In June, the parish dropped mandatory evacuation orders to voluntary evacuations.

The sinkhole, located in Bayou Corne about 30 miles northwest of Thibodaux, grew to about 35 acres.

(Information from: The Advocate,

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