A team official says the Saints and Pelicans are committed to Louisiana and the city of New Orleans. With Tom Benson’s death, there are questions surrounding the fate of both teams in one of the smallest sports markets in the country. Saints and Pels President Dennis Lauscha says he and Benson’s widow, Gayle, are committed to New Orleans.

"You have a person who owns a team in New Orleans who is from New Orleans, believes in New Orleans, believes in the people of New Orleans. I couldn't even fathom those two teams not being in New Orleans, while she's the owner. I'm president of the companies, couldn't fathom these two teams not being in New Orleans."
The annual NFL owners meeting are next week in Orlando, Florida. Lauscha says, even though she’s grieving, Gayle Benson will attend.
"Full speed ahead, that's what Mr. Benson wanted, to be perfectly honest with you, he wanted everything to go as he planned and that's what we plan to do."

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