As a way to celebrate the nation's independence and honor veterans, local law firm NeunerPate teamed up with Project Front Yard this week to help revitalize the look of Lafayette's Veterans Clinic.

Volunteers from both groups did a variety of work:

  • They weeded, tilled, mulched, pruned and even added new flowers to the outside of the building
  • They pressure washed the flagpole and put in new planters in that area
  • They added fresh mulch to trees on the property
  • They pruned live oak trees so more sunlight could hit barren areas
  • Lafayette City Parish Government donated a new flag to the facility

Project Front Yard Coordinator Katherine McCormick said,


"We are honored to participate in a beautification project in the front yard of a facility that supports our veterans.  NeunerPate's enthusiasm and civic leadership serves as an inspiration to the community.  Project Front Yard is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with them on this special project."

Attorney, spouses, children & grandchildren of NeunerPate, photo courtesy of Project Front Yard

Volunteers from NeunerPate even paid tribute to veterans in their families by placing American flags in the newly updated areas.

Frank Neuner, Jr., Managing Partner of NeunerPate said,


"Our firm was eager to team up with Project Front Yard and provide some much needed attention to the Veterans Affairs Clinic, which is in our own "front yard" of the Pinhook area.  The short time we spent volunteering demonstrates how easy it is for individuals and businesses to drastically improve our community and make and impact which benefits all of us in the long term"

Neuner added that with the Fourth of July holiday,


"We couldn't think of a more deserving group than the veterans in our community. This project was a small act of gratitude for the larger sacrifices they've made. Each flag in the flowerbed is dedicated to the veterans in our families (living an deceased) who we personally wanted to honor for their service."


Star Roses & Plants, a vendor of Chastant Brothers, supported their project by donating landscaping materials.

Project Front Yard is a local initiative to bring everyone in the community together to beautify and clean up our community.