A Louisiana lawmaker wants to legalize prostitution in the state. According to a bill filed by Representative Mandie Landry, the bill she proposes would change the way the state's laws view prostitution. In fact, if Landry's measure becomes law, it would remove sex work from the state of Louisiana's criminal code. Landry believes the changes are necessary, arguing it would make the practice safer.

As odd as that might sound at first blush, Landry is not wrong in her assumption. Landry told the media that removing the criminal stigma from the practice would make it easier for victims of human trafficking to come forward. As of now, many victims of that crime, human trafficking, remain silent and in control of their captors because they fear being arrested if they come forward.

Are you ready for the unique twist in Louisiana law? Sex work, for the most part, is legal in Louisiana if it is being filmed. That's right, those making a movie or a video are not considered sex workers as long as the lights and the cameras are rolling. Louisiana law looks at those individuals, even though they might be getting paid for sexual services as performers.

Representative Landry also cited personal freedom as a reason to sponsor this legislation. According to Landry, the state should not concern itself with what is going on between two or more consenting adults. Landry said her next steps should this measure pass and become law would be to propose a "clean slate" bill. This would wipe a prostitute's criminal record clean.

The legislature will take up Representative Landry's measures and other proposals when it convenes on April 12th in Baton Rouge.

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