The topics of discussion on this edition of “Lafayette Live” – mosquitoes and flooding recovery.

It was Lafayette City-Parish District 7 Councilwoman Nanette Cook’s turn in the rotation, as various council members take turns talking with Bernadette Lee each Wednesday morning.

The discussion immediately began with the LCG’s “aerial assault” against mosquitoes and the illnesses they bring – mainly West Nile and Zika Viruses.

In addition to the regular spraying currently happening throughout Lafayette Parish, Cook mentioned a new aerial spraying that is set to begin on Thursday, covering about 135,000 acres in Lafayette Parish. Cook says the contract is with a company out of Oakdale and is worth about $250,000 (they are hoping for possible reimbursement of fees from FEMA).

But, how can you do your part in the fight against mosquitoes?

“Turn over anything that collects water that might attract more mosquitoes,” says Cook.

If you are interested in seeing when mosquito spraying happens in your area, Cook advises you to go to, click on “Mosquito Control” on the right side of the screen, then put in your address on the interactive map.

They also discussed flood recovery from the perspective of Cook, who is in her first year serving on the LCG Council. She talked in appreciation of how the people in Lafayette Parish have come together to help each other in our time of need.

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