Lafayette City-Parish Government Council President Kenneth Boudreaux announced his future intentions Wednesday to draft an ordinance that would ban smoking in bars and clubs in Lafayette.

"Second-hand smoke has killed more people than any car or any speeder," Boudreaux said, comparing the ban of smoking indoors to using seatbelts and enforcing speed limits. "It is our obligation to protect others in the public."

Boudreaux said he foresees the drafting of the ordinance, which would limit smoking indoors at bars and clubs within the City of Lafayette and the unincorporated areas of the parish, lasting no longer than three months before it can be voted on by the City-Parish Council.

On hand to express support for the non-smoking effort was musician Roy "Chubby" Carrier. Carrier, who plays live music approximately 275 days of the year, said he is behind the effort because he wants to support the musicians, barmaids, bartenders and dancers who do not wish to work in an environment where they are subject to second-hand smoke.

This is also part of a personal issue for both Boudreaux and Carrier, who shared that both of their fathers died from lung cancer.

The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living Regional Manager Rene Stansbury is supporting Boudreaux in drafting the ordinance.

"We are not asking smokers to quit," Stansbury stressed. "We're just asking them to step outside."

Phil Linden, who owns three bars on Simcoe Street, has already made one of his establishments smoke-free. He said Grown Folks, on the corner of Simcoe Street and Louisiana Avenue, has been smoke free for a while and has seen no hesitation in compliance from his patrons.

"People who smoke understand it," Linden said. "We haven't had anyone who lit up a cigarette inside have any retaliation."

On the other hand Cruisers Bar owner Hernando Hillman said the decision to make a bar or club smoke-free should be left in the hands of that establishment's owners.

"I feel it should be a choice, but if it passes, I will adapt," Hillman said. "People will adapt.