A second body in the last week has been recovered in Lake Ponchartrain. On Tuesday, it was 32-year-old Sadie Thibodeaux, and on Saturday 66-year-old Milton Gomez’s body was pulled out of the lake as well.

Both incidents are under investigation, but state Wildlife and Fisheries Spokesman Adam Einck says lake swimming can be dangerous because distances on the water can be misleading.
“So once you do start swimming for a specific object whether it be the beach or your vessel that has drifted away from you, the stronger you try to swim the current can take you another direction and so that distance becomes a lot further.”

Neither Thibodeaux nor Gomez were wearing lifejackets when their body was recovered, and Einck says before you jump into the water there are three things you need to keep in mind.

“Wear a lifejacket, even if you do get into a little trouble at least you will stay afloat. The second thing is properly anchor your boat if you do get in the water, that way your boat doesn’t drift away from you, and never get too far away from your boat.”

And before you head out on the water, Einck says to make sure you check up on the conditions out on the lake, because even though it’s not the gulf, it can still be dangerous.

“Check with the local marinas, your boat launches. Those type of people are monitoring the water every day and they know the weather.”

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