Sometimes all the technology we have at our disposal is a blessing and other times it's a curse or can cause you to curse!

For most of my broadcast career I have been a station tech person which means I cared for all the audio equipment at the studio end, the microwave equipment to get the audio to the transmitter and the transmitter site to get the audio to radios across Acadiana. Needless to say I got many and I mean many calls about equipment outages. Those phone calls could come day or night, during weddings or funerals...I've had them all. They did allow me to make a living but they could certainly be frustrating.

Most of that tech time was PCP....pre-cell phone so I was usually bothered by a pager (remember those?) but now everyone has a cell phone and some more than one.

When I get a message on my cell phone I am usually quick to respond whether it's personal or professional. However, if someone calls and doesn't leave a voice mail I usually don't return the call because it's either a wrong number, some whacko or a scam. For two days at nearly the same time I got a call from the same number which I did not recognize and the person did not leave a voice mail. Today I decided 'what the heck' and returned the call to the number shown just to tell the person they had reached the wrong number. So I called the number and my daughter answered! Whoops! She asked if I had not input her office number into my contact list and I had to admit I had not. I usually call her cell or home phone as a last resort. Talk about a 'DUH' moment! Needless to say it is in my contact list now.

I asked my daughter why she had not left a voice mail and she said she assumed I was busy and would get back to her soon. I'm the one who usually chastises her for not returning my calls.

I also think she will start leaving voice mail in the future...even though she admits to never listening to messages left on her phone. I think she could cut her 'old man' some slack. At least I know how to use the smart phone.

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