After the Saints lost to the Atlanta Falcons via a buzzer beating field-goal after mounting a 4th-quarter comeback, there was one very evident issue plaguing the productivity of the offense in New Orleans. As members of the #WhoDatNation look to find a solution to the dropped-passes problem, one fan reached out directly to Odell Beckham Jr. and will "Leave The Dome Open".

Jonathan Bachman

The Saints dropped the ball yesterday against the Falcons, both literally and figuratively.

As if replacement quarterback Trevor Siemian needed any more obstacles to overcome, his group of receivers did him no favors throughout the divisional battle that went all the way down to the wire.

During the week before this game, one of the biggest storylines in the NFL was surrounding Odell Beckham Jr. and his eventual release from the Cleveland Browns. As the former star LSU Tiger was freed from his prior situation, many members of the #WhoDatNation began praying for Beckham to end up in New Orleans.

The loss against the Falcons only made Saints fans yearn for the assistance of a veteran pass catcher such as OBJ even harder. But, one fan took to Twitter and sent out a message directly to Beckham via a custom remix to the Silk Sonic instant classic "Leave The Door Open".

Harper Smith

See the remix properly entitled "Leave The Dome Open" from @BayouBen on Twitter below.

The response to the remix was swift from Saints fans who shared the sentiment.

Some fans continued to tag @obj pleading with him to consider New Orleans as his landing place.

Of course, the reminder of what OBJ would look like in the Black & Gold came around.

The sentiment in the remix is as pure as it comes from a genuine Saints fan. It is really tough to see a backup quarterback get very little help from his receivers, whose main purpose in life is to catch footballs.

If any members of the #WhoDatNation had objections to OBJ coming down to New Orleans, I hope some of those objections have become a little less significant as the need for a sure-fire target is abundantly necessary for whoever is in at quarterback for the Saints.

Jonathan Bachman

While Coach Sean Payton will certainly demand more out of his receiving group during this next week of practice, it is clear that the Saints will have trouble advancing without posing a real threat of moving the ball downfield.

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