Brandon Scott Lavergne, the man who pled guilty to the murders of UL-Lafayette student Mickey Shunick and Lisa Pate, is now asking a judge to void the pleas and his life sentence as well. Lavergne alleges he felt pressured to plead guilty because he faced the death penalty.

Legal analyst Tim Meche says while this type of request is not uncommon, "it's very uncommon for someone to be allowed to withdraw their guilty plea." Lavergne entered the pleas in court on August 17, less than two months after his arrest.

So what are Lavergne's chances of getting his wish?

Once they raise their hand and take an oath to tell the truth and then admit their guilt, it's very difficult to come back later and say 'I didn't mean it'

Meche says, though, this may not be in Lavergne's best interest:

If his guilty plea is withdrawn the state can prosecute him for a death penalty case and perhaps seek the death penalty. It'll be interesting to know what the prosecutor's position will be.

Even if it's thrown out, Meche says Lavergne would still have to face trial:

It's likely that he would be convicted and under the circumstances he has a high chance of getting the death penalty.


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