Two men have lost their jobs with Livingston Parish Public Works after allegedly stealing guns from a home, while they were supposed to be working. Livingston police chief Randy Dufrene says 37-year-old Kelby Henderson and 24-year-old Adam Church knew the homeowner was a gun collector.

“And he knew that his parents were still asleep at approximately 7:30 in the morning and the front door was left unlocked because they had a caretaker come by and help them with a handicapped child,” said Dufrene.

Dufrene says they also used a parish vehicle to drive to the victim’s home and perform the break-ins. He says Henderson and Church broke into their co-worker’s home three times.

“This victim is known to buy weapons and he’s kind of a gun collector,” said Dufrene.

Dufrene says the stolen guns were found in Church’s vehicle’s and Henderson’s home. They were booked into the Livingston Parish Jail. He says the victim is shocked to find out who committed the thefts.

“One of the suspects was a very close friend of the victim, he told me he was plum in shock, he considered him like a brother,” said Dufrene.

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