Colorado State University hurricane researchers continue to predict a below average season.

Researcher Phil Klotzbach says a major contributing factor is the cold temperature of the tropical Atlantic Ocean waters.
“It is much colder than normal and that is very significant when it comes to the hurricane season since as most of you know hurricanes live off of warm ocean water so if there is less of that warm ocean water that means less fuel for the storms.”

With the bulk of hurricane activity traditionally happening in August and beyond, Klotzbach breaks down the numbers of the remaining hurricane season.

“We have already had three storms in the Atlantic, Alberto, Beryl, and Chris. So when you add those storms in you get a total seasonal forecast 12 major storms, five hurricanes, and one major hurricane.”

Klotzbach says no matter what the forecast may call for, it is always important to be ready during hurricane season.

“Obviously it just takes that one hurricane to make it an active season for you.”

Klotzbach says there has not been a named storm since July 15th and 2009 was the last time a named storm did not form between July 15th and August 6th.

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