Although increasing slightly nationally, gas prices are dropping in 30 states and Louisiana is one of those seeing a decline in prices at the pump. That's according to AAA spokesperson Don Redman, who says prices are slightly lower than at this time last year.

“We’re looking at a statewide average right now of about $2.14 a gallon, about a penny cheaper than we were this time last year. It looks like the trend will be at least in the short term for some continued decreases in the price of gasoline,” Redman said.

The statewide average of $2.14 a gallon is well below the June forecast of $2.40. Redman says how low it will go is hard to predict. He says we’re seeing higher demand like we typically do for summer, but refineries have kept up with the demand.

“High production levels by refineries, cheaper oil, all of that’s spelling cheaper prices at the pump. Though I wouldn’t expect a big dramatic drop in those gas prices,” Redman said.

Redman says he expects the statewide average to remain above $2 a gallon throughout the summer. He says the price of gas is about 20 cents cheaper in Louisiana than the national average. He says they’re already seeing drivers take advantage of lower prices at the pump.

“We’ve seen record numbers of people travelling for holidays and summer travel. You combine these lower prices with a stronger or a growing economy, and it usually spells for record numbers of people traveling,” Redman said.