Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - South Louisiana is known for the best food on the planet and fantastic toe-tapping music. Cajuns welcome transplants but can spot a non-native by asking a few simple questions that will prove their heritage.

Who's ya momma and can you make a roux? The answers to these questions provide all the information a south Louisiana Cajun needs to figure out if you're a visitor.

The way you talk and whether you know who your family is can also determine your authenticity.

We've put together a few other non-verbal cues that can prove where and how you grew up.

Would you pass the Cajun test?

10 Things That Prove You're a Cajun from South Louisiana

The culture in South Louisiana is unique, and Cajuns who live there play by their own set of rules. None of them trust the word "Cajun" on a menu outside of the eight parish region known as Acadiana, and the items they call necessities are often unheard of in other parts of the state or country. You can guarantee that every south Louisiana native understands this list and will nod at each entry.

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