A new film starring Academy Award winner Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson and director by John Lee Hancock has started production of the Netflix movie “Highwaymen” in the Shreveport-Bossier area and New Orleans. The film centers on two retired officers attempting to catch Bonnie and Clyde. Executive Director of Louisiana Entertainment Chris Stelly says using Louisiana helps create historical accuracy.

"The Bonnie and Clyde story comes to a climax in Gibsland, Louisiana which is outside of Shreveport.  They had expressed interest in shooting in other areas of the state like Donaldsonville and Hammond.  I think this film in particular will be all over the state."
Stelly says the reestablishment of tax credits to encourage movie producers to come film in Louisiana are starting to materialize. Several projects already being produced in the state.
"We're at 12 or 13 projects deep right now as we stand and the summer is certainly shaping up to be even busier."
Stelly says there’s nowhere else in the country with the diversity Louisiana has for movie and television production.
"We certainly seeking an uptick in production. And I think the fact that we have a location that's second to none is certainly a testament to the work done in the past and is continuing on."
Costner filmed the "Guardain" in 2006 and Harrelson filmed the HBO series True Detectives in the state.  Actor Tom Hanks earlier announced he was using Baton Rouge locations to film the World War Two film “Greyhound” on the USS Kidd and locally based Celtic Studios. There are also six television series shooting in the Bayou State.