The latest report card on Louisiana's school has come in, and it looks like Louisiana has flunked another year when comparing us to other states. Louisiana ranks as the 2nd worst school system in America for 2021

When it comes to most of the rankings from WalletHub's study, we didn't fare too well, except when it comes to the rate of bullying. We have risen considerably on this list, but obviously, there have been many changes in the structure of school settings over the course of this past school year.

WalletHub does a yearly analysis of different categories that are important in our school system. Some of the categories include how we compare to other states when it comes to our math test scores and our reading test scores. Other things that were measured included the rate at which students drop out of school and the pupil-teacher ratio.

According to WalletHub, more than half of educators said their students had serious learning loss because of all of the COVID pandemic changes. Some students spent the entire time learning virtually while other school systems used a hybrid method of learning. Other school systems could work off an A/B schedule with students alternating different days to receive their school instruction.

Regardless of the results of this survey, I think it should be noted that teachers go to extraordinary measures each day to help their students learn. What teachers were able to accomplish during the pandemic, along with parents, was amazing.

So, how did WalletHub come to their conclusions about which states ranked where? They used thirty-two different indicators to measure how each state is doing compared to other states. They focused on the areas of quality of education and safety.

How Does Louisiana Rank in Key Categories When It Comes to Education?



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