The bill inspired by the tragic death of Caylee Anthony in Florida has passed the Louisiana House. Rep. Sherman Mack's legislation would require that parents or caretakers must report any missing child to authorities within a prescribed time, or face possible fines and jail time.

Caylee's disappearance  was  not  reported  for some time. Her mother,  Casey Anthony, was eventually acquitted of the child's murder.


The Louisiana House also passed legislation that would allow certain elderly prison inmates serving life sentences a chance at parole.

Rep. Patricia Smith's bill would not apply to violent offenders or sex offenders. To be eligible, the inmate must have completed education programs and substance abuse treatment while in prison. They also must have completed 10 to 25 years of their life sentence.

Smith feels that if the inmate is not violent or a public safety risk, then the state should consider saving some money on their care and housing by letting them out early. That bill will now go over to the Louisiana Senate.