Louisiana is rapidly approaching the 2024 election season and the Louisiana Secretary of State has unveiled the latest "I Voted" sticker.

You are probably aware of the routine, when you show up to to vote for an election, you are often gifted a sticker to let others know that you have voted, in hopes that it inspires them to get to the polls too on election day.

In recent years, the artwork on the "I Voted" stickers has improved and now we often see a Louisiana theme attached to the stickers we get after voting.

As the 2024 election season approaches, the state has unveiled the new sticker that will be available for voters in Louisiana on election day and the artwork is 100% Louisiana.

Voting Booth
Getty Images, Photo by Joe Raedle/

On the sticker, which you can see below, is a crawfish with a top hat and the crawfish appears to be in motion like it has just voted and may be walking away from its polling station.

What better depiction for Louisiana on election day than a crawfish walking away after casting its votes? The artist who created the theme is  Academy Award winner William Joyce.

Louisiana residents will return to the polls on November 5th for the upcoming Open Primary/Presidential/Congressional Election.

Here's the photo shared by the La. Secretary of State on social media.

attachment-Screen Shot 2024-07-09 at 7.09.53 AM


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