What would make a person drop their pants and display themselves on the side of a busy highway in a small town in Louisiana? Well, if you're asking Christopher Mitchell of Oakdale what would cause such behavior he would probably answer "wet" marijuana.

Those of us who don't speak the language of illegal drugs will need to know that "wet" marijuana is not what you think it is. "Smoking wet" is smoking weed that has been soaked in embalming fluid. Yeah, the stuff they use on dead people.

Christopher Mitchell told police in Oakdale that he had been partaking of "wet" marijuana last Thursday when he was spotted standing beside Louisiana Highway 165 and Highway 10 in Oakdale. Mitchell also happened to have his pants around his ankles and was allegedly simulating sexual acts for the passing motorists.

Mitchell's exploits were captured on video and reviewed by Allen Parish Sheriff's deputies who arrested him at his home on Monday. Mitchell is currently being held in the Allen Parish Jail on obscenity charges.

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