A West Monroe man survived in the wilderness of Belize completely naked.

Dustin Campbell will appear on tonight’s episode of “Naked and Afraid” on Discovery Channel. He says it was a challenge completing the stretch without clothes. He says bugs never bit so hard and nights have never been so long.

“It was the roughest thing I have ever been through in my life. It was pretty tough,” Campbell said, “If you want to test yourself just get out there naked in the woods and sleep on the ground for 14 days and tell me how you feel.”

The show thrusts two strangers into the wild with no clothes, no food, and no water for 21 days. The team has to survive with only one survivalist tool each and their wits. Some participants are expert survivalists with years of training, but Campbell says he’s just a good ole boy who lives in the woods.

“I’m just a good ole country boy out doing his thing. I have no survivalist training. I went out there on pure toughness. I wanted to do it, and by God I bucked up and I went,” Campbell said.

Campbell is the second Ouachita Parish man to complete the challenge, after Jeremy McCaa appeared twice on the show last year. But he says he’d never swam with a crocodile before or tried some of the bizarre foods the Belize forest had to offer.
“You’ve got a buffet of lizards and worms and fish that ain’t quite so good, and the worst thing I tried to eat was a leech, I can tell you that. Don’t try to eat leeches cause they’re nasty,” Campbell said.

Campbell says you’ll have to watch the episode tonight at 8 p.m. to see if he made it through the whole 21 day challenge.

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