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The Discovery Channel's hit survival reality show Naked and Afraid gives me anxiety.  Survival in the wilderness on your own seems impossible enough with clothes - taking them away is just throwing salt into the wound.  That being said, it does make for some pretty compelling television.

The show has been so popular, it has spawned a spinoff series called Naked and Afraid XL: Legends. This supercharged version of the original has former contestants putting their in-the-buff survival skills to an even more difficult test.  Instead of the standard 21-day challenge, the individuals selected for the XL version of the show will be battling the forces of nature au natural for 60 days straight!

To make the challenge even more difficult, producers decided to drop these unwitting folks in Louisiana's world famous Atchafalaya Basin.  This area, known as the country's largest wetland and swamp, is famously the home of venomous snakes, gigantic alligators, and possibly the Rougarou (Bigfoot's Cajun cousin).  Imagine making shelter and finding food naked while a big-old gator is watching you thinking the same thing!

Battling the critters naked was only part of the problem.  According to, producers had to shoot the footage earlier this year in order to make the deadline of April 25th for the show's premiere on the Discovery Channel.  If you're reading between the lines - that means they were naked, afraid, and extremely cold!  Do you remember the massive winter storm we had back in February?  Just imagine dealing with all of that cold and flooding while you are buck-naked in one of the freakiest swamps in the world!

Here's the question: Why do they do it?  The show is not a competition per se, so there's really no "grand prize" waiting at the end of what has to be a billion awkwardly-located bug bites.  According to, the participants "can make up to $5,000 for their time spent on the show."  Would you get lost in the Atchafalaya Basin for 60 days and 60 nights, relying only on what the good lord gave you for the chance to maybe take home 5 grand?

Naked and Afraid XL: Legends is on Discovery Sunday nights at 7 pm.

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