Louisiana officials back an effort to impose a five to ten cent inspection fee on all imported seafood coming, in an effort to push back against lower quality, cheaper imported shrimp that’s hurting Louisiana shrimpers.

During an appearance on Talk Louisiana, Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser says foreign seafood doesn’t meet our safety standards.
“We’re showing the safety factor of this import. We inspect less than 10% of the seafood coming in this country. 7 out of 10 loads were rejected for bacteria, antibiotics.”

The competition is primarily coming from frozen seafood shipped in from the Far East.

Nungesser says ingesting Asian imports that come from countries that allow excessive use of preservatives can put you in a real bind the next time you get an infection and have to take a trip to the hospital.

“If you’re eating Chinese shrimp that are loaded with antibiotics for 10 years, when you go to the doctor for antibiotics they aren’t going to work as well.”

The Lt. Governor says past efforts and promises for help from the feds fell on deaf ears, but this time he’s expecting better results, by bribing top officials from other states to support the move.

“So I’ve got all the Lt. Governors coming to New Orleans in about three weeks and they are going to eat some good Louisiana seafood and I’m going to give them a package and ask them to help me.”

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