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Louisiana has gone through some major changes in the last couple of years, and not just because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  As of January 1st of this year, residents with a legal medical recommendation from an actual doctor can legally buy an possess the raw (smokable) form of cannabis.  That simple policy change has led to a landslide of responses that I don't think anyone expected.

According to marijuana business watchdogs Ganjapreneur, new patients in Louisiana have skyrocketed a whopping 600% since the flower form of the drug was first made available in January.  Keep in mind that marijuana has been legal with a doctor' recommendation since 2019, just not in the flower form.

On the sales side of things, the report also claims that more than 29,000 patients made purchases in the first quarter of this year - that's up a full 60% over the same period of time last year.  The industry actually has had to deal with a supply issue due to the overwhelming response from the public.

Legislators are already working on expanding the program to meet the demand.  According to a report from the Advocate, state leaders are trying to decide if the two growers and nine pharmacies that are currently the only places legally allowed to grow or sell cannabis in Louisiana should keep their exclusive status or not.   Several bills are on the table to increase both the growers and the sellers.

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