A survey ranks Louisiana 49th in well-being.  The Bayou State only finished ahead of West Virginia in the Gallup-ShareCare Well-Being Index.  Researcher Dan Witters says the survey found many in Louisiana are not proud of where they live or believe they're living in a perfect place.“In both of those cases, about fifty-five percent of randomly selected adults inside of Louisiana agreed with that statement.”

Witters says the Bayou State also ranks low in their index because about a quarter of those surveyed admit not having enough money to buy food for their family.

“And inside of Louisiana, twenty-three percent of adults agreed with that statement. That was the second highest in the nation, so food and security are pretty high.”

Witters says they asked Louisiana residents if they felt safe and secure in their community and most said, “no”.

“Sixty-nine percent agreed with that statement. Fourteen percent disagreed.  That was fiftieth in the nation.”

Louisiana was also one of several southern states that saw a decline in well-being in 2017.