You might want to watch your spending limit on gifts this year, according to CreditCards-dot-com Louisianians have the second-highest credit card debt burden in the nation. CreditCards-dot-com analyst Ted Rossman says the typical Louisiana household carries $8,364 in credit card debt.

“So it’s not just the sheer number of dollars you owe, it’s how hard or easy it is to pay off relative your income,” said Rossman.

According to the report, Lousiana’s median annual household Income is just $48,000, which is the fourth-lowest in the country. Rossman says when you don’t make that much money and you build up debt on a credit card, it’s hard for many Louisiana credit cardholders to absolve their debt.

He says if you owe a lot on your credit card, get a zero balance transfer credit card.

“This will let you pause the interest clock for up to 21 months and that’s just a tremendous savings.

Rossman says his research has found that most people load up on credit cards to pay for necessities.

He says another way to get out of debt is to dedicate 15% of your monthly income to paying off your and there’s a good chance you’ll be debt-free in a year and a half.

“That’s way, way better than just paying off the minimum,” said Rossman

New Mexico ranked first, West Virginia third, followed by Arkansas and Mississippi.

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