BATON ROUGE — After a weekend stalemate, the state House and Senate have given final passage to plans to redesign the 144 legislative districts. The House backed a map for the 39 Senate districts, and the Senate backed the map for the 105 House districts. Both chambers on Monday upheld the longstanding tradition of not meddling in the reshaping of each other's districts. The maps now go to the governor's desk. Legislators are unsure if they'll finish a congressional revamp, however, by Wednesday's special session deadline. Gov. Bobby Jindal and five of the state's congressmen are asking for the congressional map to be scrapped because of partisan and regional disputes. Representative Page Cortez tells KPEL News he's not ruling out they may not agree before the end of the special session.  Senator Mike Michot thinks waiting until next year to tackle congressional boundaries is a good idea because all other district changes will be in place.