Committee assignments for House Appropriations and Ways and Means Committees were announced on Thursday by Louisiana Speaker of the House Clay Schexnayder.

“I’m excited to announce the makeup of the two major financial house committees today,” said Speaker Schexnayder. “The decision making process for each committee has been deliberate and I believe you will see a reflection of both the body and the core conservative principals which guides it.”

Speaker Schexnayder is expected to announce the remaining committee assignments in the coming days.

The two committee chairmen - Jerome "Zee" Zeringue and Stuart Bishop - were names mentioned by Moon Griffon earlier today as the two men who would head up these committees (LISTEN at 1:30 mark)



Jerome “Zee” Zeringue, Chairman (R)

Gary Carter, Vice Chairman (D)

Roy Daryl Adams (I)

Tony Bacala (R)

Barbara Carpenter (D)

R. Dewith Carrier (R)

Raymond J. Crews (R)

Daryl Andrew Deshotel (R)

Mary DuBuisson (R)

Rick Edmonds (R)

Aimee Adatto Freeman (D)

Lance Harris (R)

John R. Illg Jr. (R)

Frederick Douglass Jones (D)

Timothy Kerner (R)

Rodney Lyons (D)

Tanner Magee (R)

C. Denise Marcelle (D)

Jack McFarland (R)

Blake Miguez (R)

Dustin Miller (D)

Troy D.Romero (R)

Francis C. Thompson (D)

Christopher Turner (R)

William “Bill” Wheat Jr. (R)



Stuart J. Bishop, Chairman (R)

John M. Stefanski, Vice Chairman (R)

Gerald “Beau” Alphonse Beaullieu IV (R)

Ryan Bourriaque (R)

Marcus Anthony Bryant (D)

Rhonda Gaye Butler (R)

Phillip DeVillier (R)

Leslie “Les” Farnum (R)

Jason Hughes (D)

Barry Ivey (R)

Jeremy LaCombe (R)

Wayne McMahen (R)

Buddy Mincey Jr. (R)

Richard James Nelson (R)

Tammy T. Phelps (D)

Neil Riser (R)

Malinda White (D)

Matthew Willard (D)