The Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler predicts that just over 71 percent of Louisiana's 2.9 million registered voters will be casting a ballot today.  The polls will remain open until 8 p.m. tonight with a variety of races on the ballot across the state.

Schedler wants to remind voters that they need to study the issues surrounding the constitutional amendments along with your other local issues before heading into the polling booth because you only have three minutes to cast your ballot by state law.

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If you are unsure of how you are going to vote on the constitutional amendments there is a story here at KPEL that explains each side of the issue with each of the amendments.  You can get to it by clicking here.  These nine constitutional amendments were approved by the Louisiana Legislature earlier this year, but the only way they become part of Louisiana's state constitution is if constituents vote in for of them.  You get to decide.

If you are unsure about where your polling place is and which precinct you vote at, please click, here for the Secretary of State's website.