Get ready to understand what several constitutional proposes are really asking of you because there will be a list of questions in the fall election.  These proposed constitutional changes were approved by lawmakers, but will need your approval before they are to become part of our government.

There are going to be nine proposals to amend the Louisiana Constitution.  Voters will decide the fate of these amendments as they will appear on the ballot on November 6th.

For example, voters will have to decide whether or not to toughen the state's constitution dealing with weapon owners and whether to remove a provision that gives the Legislature explicit authority to limit concealed handguns.

Another amendment that voters will have to say "yes" or "no" to is one, that if approved, would allow a public official's retirement benefits to be taken away from that person if they are convicted of felony.  The felony would have to be one that relates to his job.  Other proposals involve property tax breaks for homeowners and businesses.

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