The changes to the teacher tenure law and school voucher law are expected to be debated on the Senate floor this coming Wednesday and teachers are getting fired up and ready to protest at the capitol.

They are calling it "judgement day" and over 5,000 teachers are expected to be on the capitol steps. The two major bills that will be voted on during Wednesday's session will be H.B. 974 and H.B. 976. 974 entails that teachers will find it harder to obtain tenure, which is a basic form of job security for teachers. 976 is the ever controversial school voucher law that would allow students from failing schools to be allowed into private or parochial schools.

Steve Monaghan, the president of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, says that he's heard that either one or both of the bills will be voted on during Wednesday's session and that he is expecting anywhere from 3,000-5,000 teachers to show and voice their opposition.

Many school districts will be closed for the Spring Break holiday, which is allowing for the teachers to leave the classroom.

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