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From the moments the riots started at the United States Capitol this week, US Senator from Louisiana Bill Cassidy, has had strong words for those rioting. Cassidy published a video to social media as he was being evacuated from the Capitol where he called the rioters "un-American" and "hooligans". But now, Cassidy has gone even further.

In an interview with Greg Hilburn of the USA Today Network, Cassidy said that those rioting were committing Sedition, and should be prosecuted for it. Cassidy said:

"These (rioters) are attempting to disrupt a constitutionally-mandated peaceful transfer of power...we can't allow hooligans to do this. It is in fact sedition and should be prosecuted as such."

Sedition falls under the US Criminal Code for Treason. There are multiple sections of the law, which can punish those found guilty with sentences spanning from 10 years in prison, to the death penalty.

Last year, Cassidy won reelection outright in the primaries, with a landslide victory. His closest competitor was Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins, who only gained roughly 20% of the vote.

Before the riots over President-Elect Joe Biden's election started in DC this week, Cassidy has already joined a bi-partisan group of lawmakers calling for an end to objections over Biden's victory. That theme was echoed again by Cassidy after the insurrection began.

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