The Louisiana Family Forum is honoring the top ten Louisiana couples married the longest on this Valentine’s Day. For the third year in a row, the longest married couple is Lawrence and Varrie Player of Benton, married for 83 years.   Family Forum President Gene Mills says it’s no surprise that this couple hails from Louisiana.

“Louisiana has got a distinctive history, not only of long life but a rich tradition of faith, family, and marriage.”

When asked about how they have been able to stick together, Mills says 98-year-old Varrie has advice that can be applied for all married couples…

“Miss Player told me, she says, ‘Well, when somebody want to fuss, we just let them fuss all by themselves and then, we forgive quickly.’”

Lawrence Player is 104. The couple met and married when Lawrence was 21 and Varrie was 16. Mills says not only are the Players the longest married couple in Louisiana, but are in contention for another title.

“Obviously, in this age group, there’s always the possibility that, from day to day, things can change. As for far as we know, they’re in the top contender for the longest known married couple in America, as well.”

The second longest married couple is Wallace and Gladys Menard of Duson married for 79 years.