Can we just take a minute to see how life has evolved in Louisiana over the past three to five years? During that time frame, we have managed to do even less physical activity than ever before. Now, that ability to become a "potato of the couch" served us well during the height of the pandemic but it's time to get back outside and get back to doing things for ourselves.

Well, after Sunday's big game we can do that.

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
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Yes, there is the NFL Championship Game scheduled for this weekend that will pit the team from Cincinnati against one of the teams from Los Angeles, the Rams, for the Lombardi Trophy.

That game has become a cultural phenomenon across America and the world. A crowd of 117 million viewers from across the globe are expected to be tuned in when that football game is played late Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles. So, naturally, with football and friends coming together we've got to start thinking about food.

Thanksgiving feast
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Were you aware that Super Bowl Sunday is only second to Thanksgiving when it comes to food consumption in these United States? That's a fact. So not only is it a big weekend for grocery stores and cooking, but it's also a great weekend for those who specialize in home delivery of freshly prepared foods.

A Louisiana based company that knows a thing or two about what we like to eat is Waitr. They specialize in bringing locally prepared, restaurant cooked, goodness to our homes and businesses every day but they are anticipating being extremely busy on Sunday in the hours leading up to the kick-off of the "large game".

Waitr, Facebook
Waitr, Facebook

So, what are people ordering from Waitr that they didn't want to cook? Let's take a look and see what we can find.

Louisiana's Top Ten Super Bowl Food Orders

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