Louisiana State Police added 51 Troopers to its force as their 99th cadet class graduated Friday.

State Police Lt. Nick Manale says the newly inducted cadets underwent 23 weeks of intense training and their education doesn’t stop there…

“But also engaging in a 10 to a 14-week field training program with a veteran Louisiana State Trooper, so they certainly are going to continue their training as we continue our training throughout our career,” says Manale.

During the 23-weeks of training at the Louisiana State Police Academy cadets undergo a combination of both classroom and physical drills.

Manale says the cadets also receive plenty of hands-on instruction.

“Some of the training that our cadets have undergone include crash investigations, emergency vehicle operations, impaired driving and texting, traffic incident management, leadership courses and of course a very physical training regimen,” says Manale.

As they prep for their historic 100th cadet class at the LSP Academy, Manale says graduation day is a momentous occasion for every trooper.

“One of the hardest parts about being a Louisiana State Trooper is becoming a State Trooper because we expect a lot. We certainly have a very ridged application process, selection process, and of course, our academy is very challenging,” says Manale.

The newly inducted troopers will be deployed across the state. For more information on becoming a State Trooper visit http://www.lsp.org/recruit.html

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