I hope KATC's Rob Perillo and I will still be around when and if a projected cosmic explosion of epic proportions becomes visible to observers on Earth. Since astronomers with LSU are predicting the major cosmic boom to be viewed about sixty years from now I am guessing I will have to watch it from my next life where I hope to return to the planet as Richard LeBouef's stolen monkey.

Yeah, according to the prediction from the astronomers at LSU the big event won't be seen until 2083. What scientist believe is happening, technically has already happened, is a white dwarf and a star three times the size of the sun are spiraling closer to one another.

The speculation is that these two heavenly bodies will eventually spiral into each other creating a cosmic bang that we will be able to see from 7,700 light-years away. Astronomers believe the boom has already happened. They seem to think it might have occurred about the time of the Stone Age.

What does this mean for folks like me, you, and Rob Perillo? Well, it means we need to set a reminder on our phones for about six decades from now. I am sure if you just pick a random date in 2083 and make a note to "lookup" you won't miss any of the cosmic light show.

The findings on this cosmic event were unveiled at the 235th annual American Astronomical Society meeting in Hawaii.


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