Coach Ed Orgeron of the LSU Tigers football team encountered a troll who called into his radio show recently. When that caller made an inappropriate joke, Coach O responded with a controversial saying regarding a, "...nice little fishing hole" that has many reacting on social media.

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Check out the clip from the Ed Orgeron Show with the entire call and response from Coach O via @tigergirl3018 on Twitter below.

In the call, you can hear the radio-troll reference a blonde-haired little sister of his and went on to ask Coach O to, "... try not to have sex with her". That is when the caller was cut off.

Now, Coach O attempted to laugh off the crude joke. But, apparently the remark really rubbed Orgeron the wrong way as he proceeded to say, "Let me say something right now. You know, down on the bayou we've got a nice little fishing hole for people like that".

The caller first identified themselves as "J-Boy", who is a college football media personality himself. But @thejboyshow went on the record on Twitter to let everyone know that he was not the caller who made the remark.

No matter who made the call, it wasn't the joke the troll made that has gotten attention online. Whatever Coach O meant when referencing a fishing hole on the bayou is what has gotten his name trending on Twitter.

See some of the posts regarding Coach O's comments below.

Some, like @tigerbaitlaw, are even calling for Orgeron's job.

Others are defending Coach O, while in the same sense wondering why a college football coach would open them up to this kind of situation.

Some say that Ed Orgeron is already on the hot-seat as the LSU football team has struggled so far this season. See the report from @PeteThamel on Twitter below.

Anyone from South Louisiana understands what Coach O was alluding to when he mentioned a "nice fishing hole for people like that". Of course, it is easy to understanding that the coach made the remark in a joking manner to a caller who was clearly trying to get a rise out of him.

Either way, to be in a prominent position as the head coach of an SEC football team means that the spotlight is always on. Anything a coach says will be taken to the furthest lengths possible. Unfortunately for Ed Orgeron, this controversial remark couldn't come at a worse time.

Will Coach Ed Orgeron be the LSU Football team's coach for much longer? We will have to wait and see.

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