Another round in the battle going on at LSU Health Shreveport. One of the female doctors who has come forward with allegations against Dr. G.E. Ghali has been placed on administrative leave. This comes after several formal complaints were filed against her.

Attorney Allison Jones says this is nothing more than retaliation against her client, Dr. Jennifer Woerner because she and others filed an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint against Ghali.

Jones issued this statement:

After our press conference last week, where my clients and I spoke out about the egregiously sexist and unjust working conditions perpetrated by Dr. Ghali, unnamed medical residents made dubious complaints against my client,. She is being unfairly targeted in a malicious and retaliatory move that we believe was orchestrated by Dr. Ghali because of her brave involvement in the protected activity of whistleblowing and opposing discrimination both for herself and for protected learners.

In response, LSU Health Shreveport released the following statement:

LSU Health Shreveport is in possession of the press release from Downer Jones, Marino, and Wilhite which references employees of LSU Health Shreveport. The institution offers no comment to the personnel matters referenced in the release.

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