LSU President F. King Alexander was present for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the renovated $28 million dollar football operations facility. The state of the art structure has been met with backlash due to other buildings on campus being in less than desirable conditions. Alexander says deferred maintenance has been an issue with other buildings on campus.

“We’ve got some buildings that are certainly in bad shape.  We’ve got over 120 buildings we either have to keep renovated or get up to speed and the deferred maintenance is an issue that we are tackling,” said Alexander.

Alexander says there has been a shift in the most recent fiscal year when it comes to donations to the school in favor of academics over athletics.

“And this past year shows 70% of the donations that came into the university came to the academics side of the university.  This past year that ended June 30th, 30% went to athletics,” said Alexander.

According to LSU spokesperson Ernie Ballard, support of the flagship from June 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019, 70% academics (LSU Foundation and Direct to Louisiana) 28% athletics and 2% alumni.

Alexander says the Fierce for the Future campaign aiming to raise $1.5 billion for the school is helping shift the number of donations towards academics.

“Athletics isn’t declining.  It’s staying about where it has been in the past, but the only difference is, the aggressiveness with which we are going out there with the campaign to raise money on the academics side to make up for those years that perhaps we should have been doing both,” said Alexander.

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