Both UL Lafayette System and LSU officials say that students will not be required to take the Covid vaccine to attend in-person classes.

According to a press release from LSU, the school will not require people who plan to take their classes in person, to show that they have taken the Covid vaccine.

The president of the University of Louisiana system, Jim Henderson says they are not going to require the shots, and the same has been said by LSU Interim President Tom Galligan.

Now, while Galligan is saying students don't have to get it, he is strongly recommending that they do so.

A spokesman for UL Lafayette tells Kpel that because the vaccines have emergency approval, the university can't require that students take them. University officials are also saying they surely encourage everyone to get a vaccine.

A representative from South Louisiana Community College says that they will also not be requiring that students that return to compass have the vaccine.



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