LSU announces a timeline for finding a new live mascot and the plan is to have a new tiger before the start of football season.

Ginger Guttner with the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine says they are searching rescue facilities and sanctuaries for a young, male tiger to become Mike VII.

“The plan, the hope is to have a tiger to come in with the incoming freshman class when they arrive in August,” Guttner said.

But Guttner says LSU is officially ending the tradition of putting Mike into a mobile cage, so that he can be on the field before the start of football games.

“This way he can be out in his yard to make sure all the fans can see him,” Guttner said.

Guttner says in April, Mike’s habitat will undergo renovations, which are expected to be complete by August. She says LSU is working to have the tiger habitat on campus accredited as a tiger sanctuary.

“It’s further evidence of LSU’s dedication to providing the best care for tigers, and we’ve always looked at LSU as a good home for a tiger that needs one,” Guttner said.


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